Real Estate Litigation

When real estate issues go bad, a string of negative consequence can follow. This is especially true when joint property owners fall into discord, or when landlord/tenant relationships deteriorate. Our firm’s real estate litigation practice focuses on those two issues – landlord/tenant disputes and property partition suits.

We represent landlords when seeking to resolve disputes that arise in the landlord/tenant relationship, be it unpaid rent, destruction of property, or any other lease or law violations. In addition to working to resolve these disputes out of court, we routinely prosecute evictions, defend tenant’s assertions, and pursue and defend civil lawsuits regarding landlord/tenant matters in court.

Our firm also represents property owners in partition suits – lawsuits that seek a court order dividing a jointly owned piece of real property and assigning to each owner a share of that property to be distributed out of the proceeds of the sale of the property, or from a buyout of the property.

While these are the two areas our real estate litigation practice focuses on, we do consider other real estate litigation matters on a case by case basis.